Lamy Safari Your Team: A Totally Made-Up Thing That I Do, As an Adult

Sports Lamy Safaris Cubs Blackhawks Oilers colors

After an almost interminable wait, the NHL started the 2017-2018 regular season last night, though it’s only tonight that the Best Team Ever (the Chicago Blackhawks) will drop the puck. Go Hawks.

Then, tomorrow, the defending World Series Champions of 2016, “Ladies and Gentlemen, your Chicago Cubs,” will kick off their National League Division Series against the Washington Generals. Or is that the Nationals? (Hahaha, sick burn.)

Faithful readers may remember that last year, as the Cubs began the World Series after a record-breaking 108 year drought, we here in the Fountain Pen Follies World Headquarters and Television Control Tower made a Cubs Lamy Safari for good luck. It was constructed from the body and section of a blue Safari and the cap of a white Safari with red clip, and was filled with J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage for the green ivy of Wrigley Field.

Now, I am not saying it’s the Chicago Cubs Safari that was responsible for the Cubs improbable seventh game, rain-delayed, extra-innings, curse-breaking victory after 108 years. But it might have been, right? A baseball fan in general, and a Cubs fan in particular, is superstitious. So I’m putting the Cubs Safari back in action today.

Sports Lamy Safaris Chicago Cubs colors

This time, of course, it’s filled with Papier Plume Ivy 108, the Cubs green ink. Go Cubs, Go. And thanks for a great year.

But then, I felt a little bad, because I was leaving out the Best Team Ever (the Chicago Blackhawks). So I pulled out a few more Safaris, in red, black and white, and fashioned a Chicago Blackhawks Safari. It’s filled with Caran d’Ache Infra Red ink.

Sports Lamy Safaris Chicago Blackhawks colors

And then, well, I actually like almost every hockey team, because I’m a mom that way. So why not make one for my second favorite hockey team, the Edmonton Oilers? Parts of a blue, orange and white Safari did the trick. This is filled with KWZ Northern Twilight, in tribute to Canada.

Sports Lamy Safaris Edmonton Oilers colors

All sports teams have home and away sweaters, so I snuck in white on the sections of the Blackhawks and Oilers pens to represent the road jersey.

Sports Lamy Safaris Blackhawks Oilers colors

That photo is a metaphorical representation of both teams rocketing to the top of the standings, where I see them playing in the Western Conference championship. Where the Oilers unfortunately must fall to the Blackhawks, so the mighty Hawks can win the Stanley Cup again. So that’s a shame, but it’s great just to get that far, and maybe next year, Oilers.

And you know what? Anyone can play this! Are you a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, defending champions? Here you go.

Sports Lamy Safaris Penguins Bruins colors

That same yellow and black color works for the Boston Bruins, too.

And what about the enemy of the Penguins, the Philadelphia Flyers? I’ve got you covered.

Sports Lamy Safaris Flyers colors

(Obviously, the Flyers ink would be Skrip Red, because of their Broad Street Bullies history.)

The combinations are endless. So I say onto all, try it. It’s fun. Lamy Safari Your Team!

(That Oilers one could double for the Chicago Bears football team, for instance, except, hahaha the Bears don’t deserve a Lamy Safari. Maybe a Bic. That someone stepped on in the hallway.)

I also will just drop here the teensy weensy reminder that, although October is the home of both the baseball playoffs and the start of the hockey season, we’ve heard nary a hint of  #Trophtober. Nor #Hocktober. Because sports have dignity.

Dignity, the watchword of Fountain Pen Follies. Now please excuse me, I need to go play with my Lamy Safaris, yell at the tv screen and pound some nachos.

13 thoughts on “Lamy Safari Your Team: A Totally Made-Up Thing That I Do, As an Adult

  1. Aw, man. I’m going to have to do this for my husband. Thankfully, he’s a Pittsburgh fan and their hockey, football, and baseball teams use the same colors #moneysaved


  2. Hocktober? I love it!

    But…. I don’t see one in Scarlet and Gray or Blue and White, in honor of the Big Ten’s REAL football teams. What? You’re married to someone who prefers Blue and Yellow? Well, in honor of Hocktober allow me to be the first to Hock a Loogie at that team up north!

    I love your pen to honor the Cubbies. I may have to buy a few Safaris just to make one of my own.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! I just happen to have Safaris in Gray, White and Red, so I can put one together for the Ohio Pen Show, in honor of Ohio’s only professional football team, the Ohio State Buckeyes.

      And I just happen to have Safaris in Maize and Blue, which luckily doubles for the Blue and Gold of the California Golden Bears. So I’m all ready for both Big Games (Michigan-OSU and Cal-Stanford).

      Actually, I just happen to have Safaris in every color… But it’s a feature, not a bug.


        1. Of course! The “White Sox fan” comment was a joke more about White Sox fans, who *really* hate the Cubs. (I do realize the Chicago jokes, and probably all of the sports jokes, are lost on most people. But like that would ever stop me….)


    1. Alas, getting this #Hocktober thing up and running just turned out to be too time-consuming. The marketing department keeps generating ancillary products for me to okay; then half of our video-content division went down with a cold; and now tech support is having problems with the volume of page views. We’re migrating to a new platform and server farm, too. Thankfully the legal and accounting divisions are going full bore.

      Liked by 1 person

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