The KWZ Ink Interview, Part Two: How They Do It, and Why


This is the second part of my interview with Konrad Żurawski and Agnieszka Żurawska about their boutique ink company, KWZ Ink.

Part One explored how Konrad started making fountain pen inks for himself, and then realized other fountain pen users wanted to buy his creations, leading to the formation of KWZ Ink. Here, in Part Two, Konrad and Agnieszka talk about Konrad’s ink creation process, and the philosophy behind KWZ Ink.

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11 thoughts on “The KWZ Ink Interview, Part Two: How They Do It, and Why

  1. Wow, I hadn’t realised they were scented! Is it all of them, or just that one? And if it’s more than one, do they have different scents?

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    1. All of them have that same scent, but it’s not really like J. Herbin’s scented line, where it’s a feature. I think it’s more that they smell nice now. 😁 You know how people say Sailor inks have a characteristic odor? This is like that but nicer. 😊


  2. Thank you very much for you great work ! I was very impatient for your second part and did not wait longer than today. Craft meaning, listening to users, that’s very appreciate. I watched again your reviews about KWZ inks presented on this page and had to search them (links moved). 🙂

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    1. Thank you!

      I checked into the link issue, and it turns out that Word Press is now using a new default link code for more security (to prevent malicious links). That may be causing this issue with your browser. The link works for me in the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. I’ll have to see if I can look into it further next week, post pen show. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

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  3. Fascinating interview. I really loved it!!! I haven’t tried Brown Pink yet. But I do love Grapefruit, and I have it in my pen right now. I also liked the Grey Plum quite a bit too. I adore the Maroon, and I really like the Green Gold too. I guess that is all I’ve tried so far.

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