Ink Snippet: KWZ Chicago Blue

KWZ Chicago Blue writing sample

KWZ Chicago Blue. As you may know, Fountain Pen Follies serves not only as chief cook and bottle washer here, but also as de facto head of the Department of Inky Mysteries for the Chicago Pen Show.

Our show is lucky enough to welcome two gorgeous limited edition inks from Papier Plume this year, namely Lake Michigan Summer and Ivy 108. But, because I always try to find excuses to intone this, “There is another.” That is Chicago Blue from KWZ Ink.

You may have heard that the Chicago Cubs baseball team winning the World Series this past November, after 108 years of futility? Well, we at the Pen Show made a solemn vow that if the Cubs won, we’d celebrate with a special ink for the show.

KWZ Chicago Blue for 2017 Chicago Pen Show

We wanted a blue that would be strong, bright and celebratory. That would write well and look great on paper, and do the city proud. It’s blue for the Cubs, and the Bears and the Fighting Illini, for the L’s Blue Line, and for the Chicago Blues. For the blue bikes we used to ride when we were kids, when Schwinn made the Sting-Ray right here.

KWZ Inks are made by Konrad Wojciech Żurawski and his wife Agnieszka Żurawska. I want to take a look behind the scenes at KWZ Ink at some point, but for now, just know that they handcrafted this ink themselves, from the initial recipe, to the mixing and making of the ink, to its bottling and shipping. They usually even swab each individual bottle label themselves. Since Chicago Blue has a printed label — which Agnieszka drew — there’s a hand-written note in every single bottle.

KWZ Chicago Blue for 2017 Chicago Pen Show

KWZ hit it out of the park with this ink. It shades, it sheens, it’s a beautiful color. It’s exclusive to the Chicago Pen Show, May 4-7, 2017. I know not all of my readers can go, but … you should! No, I know some people just can’t get here that weekend. Hopefully a friend is going and can snag you a bottle of Chicago Blue.

17 thoughts on “Ink Snippet: KWZ Chicago Blue

  1. Woah, I think I’d stray from my Herbin Bleu Nuit for this beauty! So deep and bold. Heeeyy…ink chroma? Please?

    Also, I didn’t know Stingrays were made in Chicago! Now that you mention it though I realise I’d heard the company was based there. Those things are completely iconic! I’m of the generation that grew up all about the mountain bike, but I’m just old enough to have caught the last few bikes with this shape, mostly really beat-up at that point.

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  2. I´m sorry, Laura, I didn´t know the terms of this exclusivity. Oh well… I agree: KWZ has an entire line of wonderful inks and, as far as I know, several beautiful blues. One shall not complain too much about not going to the show. :/

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    1. I feel for you. I have never been able to travel to any other shows myself, except Ohio this past year. I hope there is a pen show closer to you, and you can go to that one.

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        1. ArtyKat, if does give you any consalation. I live in Brazil this immense country, 230 million people. And we don´t have any stationaries that sell a variety of inks or fountain pens or good paper! Importing is our only solution, but is not always that we can afford. KWZ people are really friendly. Maybe if you write to them and explain how impossible is for you to get to the show they can open and exception and sell you a bottle ❤

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          1. Actually, Chicago Blue is exclusive to the Chicago Pen Show. So KWZ will not sell it. I’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. 😦

            The thing is, the reason the pen show commissioned this ink, the reason we worked so hard on it, is to have something special for the people who come to the show. Anyone who comes to our show is spending their free time, and sometimes traveling a long distance, to come see us. We appreciate that, and that’s why we did this ink, to offer them something special.

            KWZ has more than 60 inks that aren’t exclusive, and for those who just can’t get to Chicago, those inks are great alternatives. We picked KWZ in the first place because I think so highly of their inks.

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    1. I’m not objective, because it’s my baby, but, oh my, it really is fantastic. 😁 Unfortunately, it’s buy now before they’re gone. I’ll elaborate in a later post, but KWZ believes their special editions should be one and done. Also, on some level, it’s a once in 108 year ink. ⚾️😉

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  3. It is a lovely shade of blue. You folks from the Chicago show with the special inks…lucky dogs. If they made a special ink for the Dallas show, I missed it. Now Dromgoole’s does unveil new inks from their line there, made by Noodler’s, but that is all I know about. I have Blue Steel, and USS Texas. Both very nice inks in my opinion.

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