Papier Plume Ink Giveaway: Ivy 108 and Lake Michigan Summer

Papier Plume Ivy 108 and Lake Michigan Summer

As you know, Papier Plume has mixed up two small-batch inks to sell exclusively at the Chicago Pen Show in three weeks. These Chicago show inks are Ivy 108 and Lake Michigan Summer, and I think they both look great.

But it’s a very limited edition: Papier Plume has made only 60 bottles of each. Because so many people are interested, Papier Plume has graciously agreed to let me give away one bottle of each, right here. That way anyone who can’t get to the pen show has a chance to win one.

I’m sure everyone here joins me in thanking Papier Plume for this. Do stop by their table at the show: there will be a lot of great stuff there.

To enter to win Lake Michigan Summer or Ivy 108 here, please leave a comment about the inks down below. I’ll put you down in both draws unless you say that you only want one, but the first winner won’t be entered in the second drawing. I’ll draw in alphabetical order, with Ivy 108 first, then Lake Michigan Summer.

One entry per person please, but you should let your friends know. If they win, they’ll love you forever, and surely they’ll share the ink with you, too.

I will randomly select the two winners sometime on April 18, using a random number generator, and then post their names here on the blog. So be sure to check back then, because once announced, each winner must contact me with mailing address by April 25 to claim the prize.

36 thoughts on “Papier Plume Ink Giveaway: Ivy 108 and Lake Michigan Summer

  1. I love them both and would be delighted to have either of these cheerful colours in my pen! Many thanks to you and Papier Plume for this giveaway!

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  2. Are those inks suitable for fountain pens? Do they have to be loaded into fountain pens somewhere in the vicinity of Chicago? Do they win after 108 years? Is one of them subtitled “Holy Cow!”? Is there anything else I need to know, prior to winning one of these fabulous bottles of ink?

    Well, ok then. A-one and a-two and a-three…

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  3. The Papier Plume inks I have seen on line look great. It would be terrific to win one of them. Especially for the chance to have a color that as only available at a particular show.

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  4. I would like to be considered for both inks. They are beautiful as are all the lovely Papier Plume inks you have shared. Being in France and far from the Chicago pen show, your blog is the best way to discover these beauties. Thank you!

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  5. I would love to have either of these bottles. Papier Plume wasn’t even on my radar until Laura’s blog. Now that I’ve tried 3, I really like them. There is no way I could afford to go to Chicago. So I won’t be at the pen show. Papier Plume was very nice to give a couple of the LE inks away via this blog. Both of these colors are definitely in my wheelhouse!

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  6. Ivy 108 is a cool way to commemorate the historic Cubs championship; I’d love the chance to win that ink, especially with so few bottle for sale at the show.

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  7. How nice of Papier Plume to do this!

    Great looking inks – would bring fond memories of Sweet Home Chicago, not to mention the World Champion Cubs.

    Still sounds funny to hear those last three words strung together, doesn’t it?

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  8. I won’t be able to make it to Chicago, but still hoping to make at least one pen show this year. I love the couple of bottles of Papier Plume ink I have, and either of these would make a gorgeous addition!

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  9. They both look like nice inks, but I’m not really into green inks. I prefer blue ones, so I’m OK with being entered in only the Lake Michigan Summer drawing. Thanks for the offer!

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  10. I’m very sad that I can’t get to Chicago, but I would dearly love to try either of the Paper Plume inks. If I had to choose then my preference would be Lake Michigan Summer. 🙂

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