Ink Review: KWZ Grapefruit

KWZ Grapefruit writing samples

KWZ Grapefruit. This dark orange ink catches the eye with its strong and vivid color and lack of shading. It can look different in different pens, but generally it makes a statement on the page, and brightens up a winter day. It is perhaps best suited for fountain-pen friendly paper.

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7 thoughts on “Ink Review: KWZ Grapefruit

      1. I predict the trend continues until there is a line of “Prime Rib” inks that go from a pinkish-red hue all the way to a dark grey-brown (the famed “mother-in-law” color). The latter will be quite dry, of course.

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    1. Texas has varieties of a dark reddish orange grapefruit. (South Texas I think) Maybe Konrad ate an imported one from there, and liked it so much he made a color after it. Doubtful, but it is possible. South Texas is where the best ones grow, really sweet too, for a grapefruit.

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  1. This review was a home run, without a doubt. I am going to have to try my Grapefruit in more pens. You clearly were getting more orange than I was. I used this ink in a medium pen, and it looked red, no orange at all. With a fine that is more like an extra fine, it was orange red. Orange red is what I wanted, so that worked out for me. I have tried Fuyu-gaki, and Infra Red too. KWZ Grapefruit (and maybe Diamine-Sunset) were the closest thing I found to Sailor-Amanita muscaria. I loved that ink, and can’t find it because it is a limited edition. (I think)

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