6 thoughts on “A Quick Look at the Autopoint Twinpoint Pencil

  1. I was looking for one of these last year. Really wanted one with “Property of US Govt.” printed on the body. Couldn’t find a decent example. I know they are still being made but the older versions had a more stable clip attachment from what I hear.

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    1. That sounds cool! I’ve not got an older one to compare. The clip on mine seems tight and stable, but I am not a big clip user — just occasionally clipping it to a pad of paper. The double-pointed nature of the pencil somewhat dampens the desirability of clipping it and carrying it around, for me. There’s always a pencil tip pointing outward, and I can’t help thinking “you’ll poke your eye out.” 🙂

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  2. Neat. My dad did drafting for a number of years (in tool design), so I developed a love of mechanical pencils through him. I only have a couple that I’ve kept over the years, but one or two mech pencils are good to have. BTW, Jonathan Veley has started a small business in vintage pencil leads, many stocks rescued from old manufacturing, etc. He might be a good source for better red leads. Shout if you want some contact linkage.

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  3. Thanks for reviewing it! I remember my mom having one of these in her desk drawer when I was a kid. I would play school with it. Using the red end for editing is perfect; I never have a red inked pen on hand for that. I love the retro nerdy vibe. 🤓 ❤️

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