The “I’m Cooking While I Croon” Day-Before-Thanksgiving Music Break

Pie crust, whipped sweet potatoes and stuffing are on the docket for today. I like to knock some things off early, but there’s only so much space in our fridge.

The only good thing about cooking, if you ask me, is that I’ve got speakers in the kitchen, so it’s jukebox city in there. And here’s an oldie but goodie. I’ve been a little worried about Kanye West, since he seems to be having a hard time right now. So I’m sending out good thoughts. Also, this is just a good song. (And more blog-friendly than most of his songs.) Be well, Kanye.

One thought on “The “I’m Cooking While I Croon” Day-Before-Thanksgiving Music Break

  1. I know, what is up with Kanye? I heard he was hospitalized. I’ve got to make stuffing, pumpkin squares (like pumpkin cheesecake) and brownies, a jello mold and cornbread today. But I’ve got oldest and DDIL hosting so I just have to bring my stuff over there, not nearly as bad as having them all come to my house! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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