Pen Snippet: Kaweco ICE Sport Black Fountain Pen

Kaweco ICE Sport Black Fountain Pen

Kaweco ICE Sport Black. This is a Kaweco Sport that fits into the Sport line as a bridge between the solid-color plastic Sports and the clear ones. I think this new black one is well-suited to a work environment and looks sleek and attractive.

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2 thoughts on “Pen Snippet: Kaweco ICE Sport Black Fountain Pen

  1. I did not know this type had been released to market. Great review. I also like the Kaweco pens quite a bit. The steel nib can be smoothed a bit to make it even better. I have tried F, M, B, and 1.1mm nibs. The only one that was perfect for me out of the box, was the 1.1mm nib. Regardless, they are all wonderful nibs, and write very well for a stainless steel nib. Kaweco has grown on me. I hope to enlarge the collection.

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