Seriously, What Do We Do With Rubber Bands?

rubber bands

Life’s deepest questions, pondered right here.

I tend to end up with a fair number of rubber bands. As I think we all do. I got that nice black one from Field Notes as a gift with purchase. The red and white ones must have come with broccoli.

These thick ones seem excellent for serious banding needs. It’s just that I don’t have much call for rubber bands. (I already have a jar opener, and I don’t want to give away his job.)

Basically, there are only a few things I use rubber bands for:

1. Tying up unused extension cords. That adds up to two.

2. Flicking at people.

3. Threatening to flick at people. (More fun, actually.)

4. Pulling nervously during baseball playoff games. Useful, lately.

But … I’ve got nothing else.

What in the world do we do with these things?


3 thoughts on “Seriously, What Do We Do With Rubber Bands?

  1. There is an awful German singer named Wolfgang Petry. He used to wear lots and lots of braided bracelets (“Freundschaftsbänder” = friendship-bands?): You give such a bracelet to a dear someone and if (s)he is a true friend the bracelet remains around this person’s wrist until it disintegrates and falls off. —> Do that with rubber bands and start a new trend?!?

    Otherwise, I see no use for these things, really.


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