Sheaffer PFM: A Pen For Me

Sheaffer PFM I

That’s a Sheaffer PFM. It’s my first, so I’m excited.

The PFM has a beautiful design and shape. Mine is a true handyman’s special — a rock-bottom, dents-and-scratches, not-working, fixer-upper PFM. And it’s a PFM I, with the “I” being the bottom-of-the-line model. That’s the only type of PFM that I can afford. But I’d rather use a user pen anyway.

I’m going to fix it up myself. And, of course, by “fix it up myself,” I mean, get someone who knows what he’s doing to show me how. But enough about my devious ways. What about the PFM?

The PFM may be the most storied Sheaffer fountain pen. But while I’ve had a lot of vintage Sheaffers, I’ve stayed away from the PFM.

For a few reasons. PFMs are expensive for Sheaffers. Then there’s the snorkel filler, which is not my favorite.

And, okay, I don’t like the PFM name. Sheaffer released this pen in 1959, and “PFM” stands for the “Pen For Men.” Sigh. There’s an ad on PenHero from 1959 declaring: “At last, a fountain pen proudly designed for men only!”

My name is Laura. I am not a man.

But no worries. Sheaffer tended to do that with pens. And all that’s solved now when it comes to my PFM. My friend Jon has renamed it for me. Hereinafter I shall refer to my PFM as the Pen For Me.

I have to say that I also had the impression that the PFM would be too large for me. When you read about it, you can end up thinking that the PFM is a very large pen only suited to those with gigantic, manly mitts.

It wasn’t until I actually tried a PFM last year that I realized, oh, pish tosh, it’s not really a large pen. It’s lightweight, and not very long. It is wide, but wide like a Montblanc 146. Not even as wide as an Aurora Optima. Well, I love that size pen. And I’ve always enjoyed the smooth, nail-like Sheaffer nibs. See? A Pen For Me.

And now I’ve found a beat-up, thus reasonably priced, PFM. So I’m waiting to learn how to restore the filling system.

In the meantime, the pen soaks. Mostly because I like seeing it there.

Sheaffer PFM in water

3 thoughts on “Sheaffer PFM: A Pen For Me

  1. Pen For Me- now that’s more like it! I too, based on the name, assumed it would be a big, bulky, heavy pen. Isn’t that what man hands need? Glad to hear this isn’t the case for this pen.

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