Blast from the Past: Parker Penman Sapphire

Parker Penman Sapphire ink

A very nice friend found a partially full bottle of Parker Penman Sapphire for me, and it arrived on Friday.

I don’t chase vintage inks, so this will be my first and last bottle of this one, but it’s great to have more to use.  PPS is a great blue color, very deep, with nice shading. This ink is saturated, is not easy to clean, and it has red sheen out the wazoo. I like less saturated inks; I like easy-to-clean inks; and I’m neutral on sheen. And I still adore PPS. It is special.

I put it in a Kaweco AL-Sport with extra-fine nib this time.

Parker Penman Sapphire writing sample


6 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: Parker Penman Sapphire

  1. I have about a sample’s worth of PPS. When I finally tried it, I found that a bit of dilution made the color prettier to my eyes. Funny, I prefer saturated inks, but with this one, I like it better somewhat diluted.

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  2. A nice ink, I used some years ago and its reddish hue was somewhat annoying on smears. Apart from this, it was a very nice ink to write with, a deep, intense colour, never clogging the nib on regular use, a nightmare when left dried in the pen.

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