Ink Review: Kaweco Smokey Grey

Kaweco Smokey Grey writing sample

Kaweco Smokey Grey. This is an attractive light gray ink that is surprisingly legible and features a surprising amount of water resistance. It is a Kaweco ink, so it’s not surprising that Smokey Grey also is easy to clean from a pen and has excellent lubrication and flow.

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3 thoughts on “Ink Review: Kaweco Smokey Grey

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful review of Smokey Grey. I’m usually a bit ‘meh’ about grey inks, but this one looks great on Tomoe River paper. 🙂

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  2. This one looks amazing on the cream paper – really special and delicate. This might be one of the few inks that are shown off better on cream paper than white.

    Also: you managed to use ‘loosey goosey’ in an ink review, which aside from giving me the laugh I needed tonight, definitively proves this is Not Your Typical Uptight Pen Blog. My herooo 😉

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