Aurora Optima 360 Monviso: More Photos

Aurora 369 Optima Monviso and Nero Perla fountain pen comparison

Since the burning question about the Aurora Optima Monviso limited edition seemed to be how it would compare to the Nero Perla, I thought I’d add a few more photos to those posted earlier.

You’ll notice in some of the photos, especially when you look at the cap, how the Nero Perla appears to have a blue tint. That’s a trick of the light: the Nero Perla is just more translucent, so it reflects the color of the light more strongly than the darker Monviso does.

Aurora 369 Optima Monviso and Nero Perla fountain pen comparison

It’s easier to see the differences between the pens with the Nero Perla in front of the Monviso.

Aurora 369 Optima Monviso and Nero Perla fountain pen comparison

But let’s put the Monviso in front at least once.

Aurora 369 Optima Monviso and Nero Perla fountain pen comparison

Finally, here are the Monviso and the Nero Perla bracketing the demonstrator. All three of these pens have a different capband.

Aurora 369 Optima Monviso, Nero Perla and demonstrator fountain pen comparison

A hidden difference is that the Monviso is limited to only 360 pens, which is why I bought mine right away. The demonstrator is numbered, but there are many more of those — mine is number 1107. The Nero Perla is in the regular line.

5 thoughts on “Aurora Optima 360 Monviso: More Photos

  1. I am going to the Dallas show. I had heard that in the US they dropped the price around 200 bucks, which is awesome. I don’t do Ebay anymore, and haven’t for over a year. I didn’t like their new terms and conditions, so I opted out. I hope Kenro comes to the show. I’d love to be able to try this stuff out in person.


    1. Depending on which pen show, I am sure someone should have them. Of dealers who go to pen shows, I know that Vanness and the Andersons both sell Aurora Optimas. If you are going to LA, there’s John Mottishaw, too. Bryant at Chatterly Pens and Dan Smith of the Nibsmith are great Aurora dealers, at a very good price.

      Best of all, if Kenro is going to the show, they distribute Aurora pens and will bring every single one, with all the nibs, for people to try. 🙂

      You also can also pick these up used, which is how I got many of mine. Check eBay for sold prices of the used ones. Aurora recently lowered the prices of the new Optimas in the US, however, so the gap may be narrowing.


  2. All 3 are gorgeous. Lately I’ve been drooling over the Perla Chrome, and the Emerald/Green Auroloide version, of the Optima. All of them are out of my league, but it is nice to window shop via the internet. 🙂 Thanks for posting these beauties!

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