Fountain Pen Favorites for May 2016

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May is always beautiful here and has always been my favorite month. This past week has been especially lovely in the garden, which is suffused with the lemony scent of older roses in bloom. And, yes, there have been pens and inks. Here were my favorites for May.

1. Pelikan M205 Transparent Blue. So you know how sometimes when you really look forward to something, it turns out to be a little disappointing once you actually have it? Well, that didn’t happen with the M205 Blue. I like it even more in person. Oh sure, the nib will never be for me, and the pen’s a little skimpy. But it’s such a pretty blue, and if it were perfect I’d only have to get rid of all my other pens anyway. Win-win, I’d say.

2.Boxing Out. May brought the best box for my Aurora Optimas ever. Not only does that gorgeous thing cradle the little fellows in plush comfort. Not only does it have ten (10!) empty slots that eventually I get to fill. But it also means my Aurora Optimas aren’t in the regular pen case any more, creating the erroneous but deeply satisfying impression that “I haven’t got that many pens after all.”

3. New Pen Evaluation Process. I have finally come up with a workable three-step system to analyze and evaluate matters when I want a new pen. It goes like this: (1) Don’t. (2) Don’t. (3) Don’t.

So far so good.



Photo by Dafne Cholet, Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.

4 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Favorites for May 2016

  1. #3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Yeah, right. Nonetheless, I applaud your attempt. Me? Oh, I read about pens, and I just keep thinking “Gird your loins!!”, though I’m not absolutely certain as to why.

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  2. This “don’t” problem has essentially sorted itself out for me, as the only pens I find interesting anymore are the ones that I can’t possibly afford.

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  3. You know… this May has to be inspirational, because I totally came up with the same New Pen Evaluation Process as you did. Such a coincidence!
    Let me know how it’ll work for you. I’m doubting myself with that 😛

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