A Peek at the Pen Cup: In Which We Experience, and Deserve, a Mild Rebuke

pen cup with pens

The pen cup itself rocks. But when we look inside, the contents…. Oh, the contents.  The contents are a little sad.

Sad, because three of these pens contain inks I want to review. That I intend to review. But that I still haven’t had time to review. Three of these pens rebuke me. Justly.

Sad, because one pen, the Pilot Prera, is here as an admission of failure. This used to be my purse pen, but I had to move it out. It’s the second or third Prera in a row that’s had the same issue, in which the feed starts to loosen after being carried around in my purse. That’s a problem because sometimes I’ll pull of the cap and see this.

PIlot Prera with leaking ink

Or sometimes I don’t see it, and I pull off the cap and start to write with the Prera, and I get ink all over my fingers.

The Prera was such a good purse pen, except in the one way it wasn’t.

And, finally, sad, because of these 11 pens, seven have blue ink and three have black ink. And the eleventh is a rollerball (with black ink).

Even by my low standards of creativity and imagination, 11 pens with blue or black ink qualifies as sad. Where are the pretty ink colors?

Pelikan M205 blue demonstrator

On the bright side, when we peek at the pen cup, I don’t know if you recognize it, but there is something here that’s been missing for a long time. Sunshine. Oh happy day.

Also, I really do like all of these pens (except the now disgraced Prera). I love that M205 blue demonstrator, up there, in the sunshine. I love seeing the ink inside all those nooks and crannies.  “Pen at work.”

Heh heh.

And I love seeing my two old guys.

Parker 51 and Parker 75 fountain pens

And seeing those two old guys next to my new guy.

Parker 51, Parker 75 and Venvstas Carbon T fountain pens

They all kind of fit together. Good tools, well designed.

But, I do need to spice up the ink a little more. And write some reviews. And then we can have a triumphant next edition pen cup, filled with wild color inks and pens that don’t make a big mess.

How about adding a wild green pen and a crazy black and white pen? That might be fun for the pen cup next time. Let’s just say, I’ve got a few good ideas.

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