Montblanc Golden Yellow Ink: Mold Inside the Ink Cartridges?

Montblanc Golden Yellow Ink cartridge with SITB

I was going to send some of my Montblanc Golden Yellow ink cartridges to friends today, when I noticed something strange. There was something floating inside the cartridges that wasn’t just ink.  As you can see, it looks like mold.

This is a first for me. I’ve never seen mold grow inside sealed cartridges before.  I have occasionally seen it develop in bottles of ink that had been opened and partially used. But never in any Montblanc ink.

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6 thoughts on “Montblanc Golden Yellow Ink: Mold Inside the Ink Cartridges?

  1. […] are a few examples of mouldy Montblanc inks on t’internet (more Lavender Purple, and Yellow) although the name usually associated with bottle slime is J. Herbin who had issues in 2010 — […]


    1. The nice fellow at Montblanc USA didn’t ask for photos, and the email contact form for Montblanc USA does not have any way of attaching photos. They certainly seemed to believe me about it. Maybe as Raffaello suggests, they’ve seen this before? I sure hadn’t.


  2. 1. Ewwww.
    2. I still preferred looking at the pics of the mold than the green Lamy. 😉 But that’s me.
    3. -5 points to Montblanc for lame customer service.
    4. Ewwww.

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