Wrapping up the 2016 Chicago Pen Show: Part 2

2016 Chicago Pen Show fountain pens for sale

It’s not a pen show without pens, of course. So when I confessed in Part 1 of the 2016 Chicago Pen Show Wrap-Up that I hardly had any time to look at pens, I meant “look at” in the serious-buyer sense. I saw a lot of gorgeous pens this year. The lights were bright, as you can see, but that’s not the only reason I was dazzled.

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5 thoughts on “Wrapping up the 2016 Chicago Pen Show: Part 2

  1. Damn, I’m now really glad I couldn’t be there, because otherwise I’d be in debt right now. 🙂
    Those are some amazing pictures, Laura, and I loved to see some of the people as well. Thank you, too, for sharing some of the personal stories. Amazing.
    Great report, and really good photos. I’d wish my phone would decide if it could or couldn’t take photos… today it couldn’t.
    And I still want a Mont Blanc 😛

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  2. Nice show, nice report! Good balance between objects and people coverage, because both are important. It’s funny: every person who shoots pics at shows gets a different take on things.

    In the “How Sick Am I?” department, your second photo showed Hirsch. I was trying to zoom in on the photo to see if he still had this beautiful little Aikin-Lambert pen that I SHOULD have bought in LA in February!

    Thanks, Laura – a good accounting of the show.

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    1. 1. Yeah, the different perspective is so true. My photos were mostly taken before the show, or when things were slower, because working at the show keeps you hopping. I took almost no crowd shots, because that’s when I was busiest. But it was easier for me to take some photos because I was there when the dealers had time.

      2. Glad I’m not the only one who has “should-have-bought” pens.


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