Pen Review: Venvstas Carbon T Fountain Pen

Venvstas Carbon T fountain pen

I’ve really been enjoying the Venvstas Carbon T, a carbon fiber fountain pen with a minimalist-inspired modern design.

Venvstas is pronounced “Venustas.” That’s because in the classical Latin alphabet, “v” served as not only a consonant, but also as a vowel pronounced “u.”

Venvstas pens are designed and made in Paris, and I bought mine from the  Venvstas website. Because Venvstas new on the scene, I’m going to write a little about the company and its origins before talking about the Carbon T itself.

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4 thoughts on “Pen Review: Venvstas Carbon T Fountain Pen

  1. Hi there…thanks for the review. I’ve been looking for a (more) modern looking fountain pen and I really like this one. About a year in from the review, what do you think about the pen? (FWIW, I’m just looking for a nice fountain pen to own – Im not a writer or anything. Actually, I have terrible writing! :-P)


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    1. Don’t worry — I have terrible writing, too. 🙂 A good pen is still worth it.

      I still love the pen design, and it’s been perfectly durable, but I’ve had issues with ink drying out, which I suspect is because of the feed, so I’m sending it to Lucio, who has kindly offered to switch out my feed. Mine was the earliest version of this model, and it’s since been improved. I continue to be impressed by Venvstas’s level of customer service. No question I’d buy another.


  2. I love the shape of this nib, the way it seems rounded at the sides. Or is that just my impression? The overall shape of the pen is just so pleasing. And I appreciate the little plus of including a case.

    I hope they’ll consider expanding to wider nibs as well, although if they have that background in architecture and design then they probably don’t like the wider nibs all that much. But this is still pretty juicy compared to many F nibs.

    Thanks for introducing me to this lovely brand!

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