You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

My blogger friend Diane and I met in WordPress Blogging 101. She blogs at the fantastic LadiesWhoLunchReviews.  We have a lot in common, including geography.  I live north of Chicago, and she lives southwest of Chicago, but we’re both proud Chicagoans.  In fact, we are both so proud of the news around our fair city that we wanted to share two of these stories with you.

Not that we are in favor of impaired driving, at all. These stories are only funny because luckily no one got hurt.  I look at these as cautionary tales.  The lesson of mine would be: if you think, “let’s blow this popsicle stand” is the appropriate response to “you are under arrest,” you might have had a few too many.  Or perhaps: remember that many restaurants deliver.

Diane has a companion piece here, and be sure to click on that, because it’s equally head-shaking.  Driving in the Chicago area is not for the meek.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times and Fox News, reporting here, a 60-year-old woman was arrested Easter Sunday evening at a McDonald’s in suburban Chicago, after she allegedly was found passed out in her car in the drive-through lane just after 9 at night.

Witnesses reported that the car had been blocking the drive-through lane for at least 20 minutes by the time the police arrived.  And I know Chicago drivers, so I bet some of the folks stuck behind her might have been laying on their horns just a bit during that 20 minutes.

But, heck, some good might have come of this.  Blocking a fast food drive-through might have saved a few people’s arteries that night.  Maybe a few people decided to just go home and eat celery sticks, or turn in early.  I mean, it was after 9 at night; that’s bedtime for many of us suburbanites.

Anyway, when the police arrived and found the drive-through sleeper, they decided to charge her with allegedly being under the influence of alcohol.

But this is where the story takes another twist.  Once they arrested her, the police brought her into the station to book her.  At which point she allegedly attempted to “flee” the booking area and leave the station.  Except, of course, that she was at a police station. Meaning that there were lots of police there to stop her.  And I’m thinking that they probably had taken away her keys in the first place.

So, yes, the phrase “Darwin Awards” comes to mind.

But then again, she was probably still hungry.


By Victorgrigas (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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