Five Yellow Lamy Safaris


I have five yellow Safaris? Yes, I have five yellow Safaris. I really had no idea.

The truth is, yellow pens are not exactly necessary in my life, since I never use yellow ink.  Let’s say I own 9,043 bottles of ink.  Admittedly, that’s a rough estimate; the actual number might be higher (cough).  But I do know that, of those roughly 12,000 bottles, exactly zero contain yellow ink.  It’s not exactly legible, at least not to me.

But I still like the yellow Safaris.  And that photo puts a smile on my face.  The cute Line Friends Safari is especially adorable.  Though it lives in a box.  Which I had to search for. Because it was in a storage box.  In the basement.  We’re talking deep storage. I really only use the regular yellow Safari.

The funny thing is, as shocked as I am by the breadth of my yellow Safari ownership, I know that Lamy has made more than five different yellow Safaris.  There’s a lighter yellow with black clip for sure.  And there probably are other special edition Safaris in yellow: I think I’ve seen some with logos.  I just don’t buy the ones with logos.  Or the rare and expensive ones.

Rest assured that I am okay with not having every yellow Safari.  In fact, I’m thrilled.

It might mean a tiny bit of sanity prevails.  But you know me better.  It really means: more room for my blue pens!

Hey.  If I put a few more of these in the storage box in the  basement, wouldn’t that mean … there’s room for that blue Pelikan M205?!

One thought on “Five Yellow Lamy Safaris

  1. The one with the red clip is my favorite combination, and my favorite overall is the bright lime at the far right. Ironic because I thought I didn’t like neon colors but they always look gorgeous on Safaris, at least on your blog – maybe it’s the way you photograph them!

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