More Inks for Lamy’s Charged Green Al-Star


Here are a few more ink possibilities for the new Lamy Charged Green Al-Star, these suggested by readers of the original post, here.

The first is Pilot Iroshizuku Chiku-rin, as suggested by Rafael.  I think Chiku-rin really works with the suggestion of celery green in the pen.  It might be slightly greener, and the pen slightly more yellow, but I like more green, and I like this combination.


Second is Derek’s suggestion of Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrün. This is a very popular ink with nice shading, that I think of as an avocado green.  And I think this color really works beautifully with our Charged Green Al-Star, too.


Chiku-rin and Alt-Goldgrün are both yellow-greens.  With the Charged Green Al-Star, that’s clearly the way to go — or else greenish yellow inks.  Thanks to Rafael and Derek.

2 thoughts on “More Inks for Lamy’s Charged Green Al-Star

  1. PS (who’d have thought there was so much to say about Lamy Charged Green and its ink!) I’m now using Diamine Light Green in mine – excellent match

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