So, It Really Could Be the End of the World Now?


I read the other day that the Chicago Cubs are the heavy preseason favorites to win Major League’s Baseball’s World Series in 2016.  This is serious.

I’ve mentioned that I grew up a Cubs fan. That is not a prudent thing to be. The Cubs have the longest record of championship futility in American professional sports.  I grew up watching Cubs teams lose. Every single year. Some bad teams, yes, but also some good teams that still managed to claw defeat from the jaws of victory. Every. Single. Year.  I’ve been there, done that and I do actually have the tee shirt.

The idea that people would bet real money on the Cubs winning the World Series this year, at only 4-1 odds, is perhaps not technically crazy. One team will win, and there are only 30 teams. But are the Cubs at 4-1 a good bet?

I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

Well, if these are the end of days, at least I have enough ink.

4 thoughts on “So, It Really Could Be the End of the World Now?

  1. I just … I mean, it’s the Cubs. 🙂

    But I guess we could start stocking up on bottled water. Is there anything that kills the zombies that might arise and walk the land? Or would aliens arrive instead? The doomsday scenarios are so varied it’s really hard to prepare.


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