Pelikan Go!


Here’s something from Laura’s Cabinet of Curiosities: Pelikan’s very nice, very affordable Go! fountain pen.  A piston filler with a steel nib from Pelikan for $20 or so, at least on eBay, where I picked up mine.

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5 thoughts on “Pelikan Go!

  1. I also picked up one of these for $20 on eBay. For that price, you really can’t go wrong can you? As you say, the piston mechanism is like butter. I would like to know why these didn’t last longer than they did.

    The nib on mine is incredibly smooth, but the flow is on the generous side of firehose: De Atramentis Plum comes out as almost black.

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  2. My wife purchased one exactly like this at the LA Show several years ago for about $10, iirc.

    I think it would do great in today’s market and am ecstatic it lacks the Safari design.

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  3. Ah that is very kind. Pelikan nicely printed everything in five languages. 🙂

    I got it last year, I think. I wasn’t happy using a converter with the Pelikano, so I tried a few cheap older Pelikans.

    I can’t believe how nice the piston action is for a pen this inexpensive. I’m thinking if Pelikan could make a profit on a sub-$20 steel-nib piston-filler like the M75, its margins today on a legacy product like the M200 must be enormous.


  4. What a cool find! Have you had it long? I could definitely see this as a nineties pen – the colors have that ‘eighties, but more muted’ look that was on until the mid-nineties or so. But I’m surprised anyone was making cheapie piston fillers that recently! I thought once cartridges became popular, that was the end of the other filling systems on school pens.

    If you want to post the back with the info in German, I could have a look! My German’s pretty lousy but I can get by when it comes to marketing materials, plus my mom’s fluent and between her knowledge of the language and mine of pens, I bet we could suss it out 😛

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