My First Bung Box Ink!


Well, I am excited. Because, thanks to a lovely pen friend, I now have my own sample of a Bung Box ink. Bung Box sells the very chic and stunning inks that are sold in limited quantities at the Bung Box store in Japan and imported by a few US stores. People in the know always seem to snap them up. I feel like I’m crashing a sophisticated party.

Also, it’s a blue ink! Bung Box First Love Sapphire.

I’m not sure about the name. I do love blue.  But my first love was named Greg. This was in fifth grade. I would write his last name after my first name when no one was looking.  Plus, we would arm wrestle, because when you liked a boy/girl, you had to pretend you hated him/her. So I do not really relate to the name of this ink.

But, also, along with Bung Box [Greg] Sapphire, I was served cake, which was delicious.  So what a good morning I had yesterday.

By the way, have you ever noticed that when you compliment someone’s cooking, a good cook always says, sincerely,”Oh it was easy.” Whereas someone like me would say, “Really, it turned out okay? Phew. I was so worried.” And then stop talking quickly because you’re not really supposed to divulge that you ran out of flour so you had to scrape the last bits off the counter, where there were also black dots (hopefully, toast crumbs, but I mean, it’s too late to check now). Etc.

I mean, so I’ve heard.

But, sorry, back to ink.  Just to give you an idea, here is the fabulous and exciting Bung Box Sapphire next to a more conventional medium blue.


This will be so fun.

4 thoughts on “My First Bung Box Ink!

  1. haha, don’t worry, I have it on good authority it doesn’t matter anyway because the heat from the oven destroys anything you don’t want in your cake. Glad you had a good morning 🙂

    I’d never heard of these inks, but wow is this bright or what!

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  2. That ink is so pretty, but sapphire doesn’t seem like the right name, does it? And no, not Greg, lol! It’s more like a turquoise to me. Love the cake story and yes I know exactly what you mean. I was making an Apple pie for Paul’s birthday, Justin was helping while eating Fruit Loops for a snack and voila, some ended up in the pie crust. Nice crunchy green surprise 🙂

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    1. Wait a minute: do you think I need to buy some sapphires in order to further research the appropriateness of the name?! I can’t believe that didn’t occur to me. For the blog, of course.

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