Montblanc Agatha Christie


Montblanc makes two versions of each Writer’s Edition.  My Agatha Christie is the more common version with the sterling silver clip and trim and ruby snake eyes.  Montblanc sold 23,000 of just the fountain pen, so it’s not what I’d call rare.   But it can be hard to find on the secondary market, and it is expensive.

How did I get this pen?  I bought it used, although in very nice condition, from its previous owner.


The year I bought it, I had received an unexpected gift. I decided I wanted an Agatha Christie and that I would look for one at a relatively reasonable price. I decided that I could do it if I only bought that one pen all year.  (I did not keep that vow, alas. )

Why did I buy this pen? Mostly, I like the looks.  Also, when I was a kid, I loved reading Agatha Christie mysteries.  I only seem to like Montblanc Writer’s Editions when I like the writer.

The Agatha Christie was the second Writer’s Edition that Montblanc made; the first was the Ernest Hemingway, which was the other one that tempted me.  But I liked the Agatha better.  I knew the Agatha would fit my hand, and I wasn’t sure about the Hemingway.

And there’s also a snake on the nib.


When I set out to buy the Agatha, it was the most expensive pen I had ever considered buying, by multiples.  And so it has remained.

But was it worth it?  It was.  And it is. For me, it’s perfect.

Would I buy it again?  I would, finances permitting. I love using it, and I love having it.


Do I use it all the time?  I do not.  It feels like a special pen.  I take it out every now and then.  It’s always a lift.  It’s always a joy.

I have other pens for everyday use.  I like to keep the Agatha Christie for every once in a while.

What’s the best thing about it?  I love the style.  It recalls Montblanc’s older designs, with its dome top and shape, but it’s a modern piston filler that has been utterly reliable.

And I love the size: it’s very comfortable to write with.

I also love the nib.  It’s a fine nib, but you can see that it’s really very fine.  Mine seems finer than the current Montblanc extra-fine.  I love a really fine nib.

Montblanc Agatha Christie fountain pen

And I just love that snake clip.  The carefully worked detail.  The gorgeous curve, that’s echoed by the silver wrapped around the cap. The sterling silver. The ruby eyes.


It’s the only snake I’ve ever liked.


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