Ink Review: KWZ Foggy Green


I used Foggy Green with a Lamy Vista and a Pelikan M400 with medium nib.  It is a wetter ink, with excellent lubrication.  Foggy Green was so smooth, it felt like the pens were gliding.

Foggy Green does not shade very much, but it gives a dark and lovely line on the page.  This is a fairly saturated ink, and the overall impression I take from the color is of the deep forest.


It’s an ink that would work very well as a blue or black alternative, being very legible and dark.  In some light it almost looks black, especially from a fine nib pen.  Here is a quick comparison to a medium blue ink and lighter black ink.


Here is the color on Rhodia lined paper, using a Lamy Vista with 1.1 mm stub, a Vista with fine nib and then a Pelikan M400 with medium nib.


I thought the color looked especially nice on cream-colored Tomoe River paper.


On lower-quality paper that’s not as fountain-pen friendly, the ink did pretty well for such a wet and lubricated ink.  There was some showthrough to the other side of the page.  The ink tried to feather on low-quality paper, but didn’t really.  Instead I’d say Foggy Green mostly kept it together even with the very wet Pelikan M400, here on Staples Sustainable Earth paper.


Foggy Green cleaned up very easily with just plain water, which is outstanding for such a dark ink.  It was not, however, particularly water-resistant.  Even on lower-quality, more absorbent paper, most of the dye ran off.  The next photo shows the result of contact with water on absorbent paper on the left, and fountain-pen friendly paper on the right.


Being such a classic evergreen in color, I thought Foggy Green would be similar to a number of inks I already have, but the only close match I found was Cultpens Deep Dark Green.


For context, here is Foggy Green compared to two of my favorite green inks: my usual dark green, Diamine Green Black,  on the left, and J. Herbin Vert Empire, a softer, much less saturated green, on the right.


Paper towel chromatography of Foggy Green was a fun surprise for me. KWZ is so creative in its ink mixes.


I received this sample of Foggy Green from KWZ so I could review it.  KWZ ink is available online from at least one US store and also directly from KWZ in Poland.

One thought on “Ink Review: KWZ Foggy Green

  1. I really like this on the ivory paper! It’s oddly modern and sophisticated, not faux old-timey like most inks look on ivory (not dissing on faux old-timey. I love that look. It’s just cool to see a different effect than expected!)

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