Ink Swabbing


I was looking at my green inks, and I realized I needed to make some ink swabs.  When I was done I had a small pile.  The color of one caught my eye: it looked like a little bit of spring.

It’s 1 degree Fahrenheit as I write this, so spring is a nice thought.

Also, today is “National Clean Off Your Desk Day,” which, uh, isn’t going to happen here.  But I did clean these off, so … half credit!

One thought on “Ink Swabbing

  1. *googles “1 Fahrenheit to Celsius”* omg! *speechless* Well, it’s nice to have a little spring even if it’s just ink!

    National Clean Off Your Desk Day sounds good to me! My actual desk is clean, but my stationery and pen cupboard…ugh, that one needs more than a spring cleaning, it needs an overhaul!

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