At Sixes and Sevens


I have been without my computer for a few days, as Apple (very nicely) fixed a video card problem.  In the past, I have been without kitchen appliances for weeks (couldn’t cook),  without hot water (had to go to friends and family to shower), without a car for a week, and even without power for two or three days.

But being without the computer may have been worse.  Not being able to cook has its good side, after all, and without a car you can bicycle or walk. With my laptop, I have everything set up to run seamlessly and automatically — every website is logged in, every email account password is entered and every document for work is at hand.  Even my recipes are on that computer.  Without all that, I could hardly do anything, and what I could do took forever.

So I found myself reading a book last night.  An actual book — printed on paper.  Holy “Back in the 20th Century,” Batman.

It was a good book.  And I went to sleep earlier than usual.  But I was the happiest person in the world when I could pick up this machine again.  First world problems, I know.  But may it never leave my side again.

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