5 thoughts on “Kaweco Dia2: Dual Pen Review

  1. Great review from both of you. The price of the two tone gold nib is high, and it is hard to find. (I have looked) This pen is gorgeous, and I love the retro look, and feel. Kaweco knocked it out of the park. I adore the clip too. I thought the section was a tad narrow, but acceptable. The nib size was a bit small for the size of the pen. It should come with a converter, no doubt about it. Overall I thought the pen was excellent. I like the Kaweco steel nibs, so I doubt if I will get the two tone gold nib. It would look lovely, but I don’t know if it would warrant the price tag for me.

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    1. I agree with her, too. From this customer’s perspective, it’s not even spending the extra $4, but having to track down the special converter. The Dia2 isn’t a student pen, or a “fun” pen. It really feels like a higher-end pen, and I think having a converter included in the package would reinforce that feeling.

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