Good Things About Winter?

Ten Good Things About Winter:

1. Winter ink colors! Yes, it’s time to ink up the festive reds, the piney greens, the silver and gold of Fuyu-syogun and Ina-ho, and the deep twilight blues. Winter means I can pull out some inks I haven’t used for months.

2. Winter food. Soups and stews and such, with an aroma that fills the kitchen for hours. Maybe I’ll learn to make bread this year.

3. Hockey!

4. Quiet and stillness. It’s so cold where I live that being outside, even walking the dogs, becomes positively peaceful and contemplative.

5. Winter light. Beautiful.

6. More books. I read more books in the winter. Sure, that’s because I have less to do that’s fun. But every cloud….

7. Thanksgiving and winter breaks. My college student will be coming home.  We are excited.

8. Snow. So lovely.

9. “It’s a major award!”  When cold weather arrives, a marathon of “A Christmas Story” can’t be far behind.

10. Old friends. And I don’t just mean people I see at holiday and Super Bowl parties and dinners. I also look forward to getting reacquainted with the guys at the body shop. Someone hits at least one of our cars every single winter. But every cloud….

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