3 thoughts on “Parker Quink Blue and Waterman Absolute Brown: Overlooked Inks?

  1. Lie de Thé is another good one. It is more of a golden or yellow brown, as opposed to the reddish brown of Waterman Absolute Brown. The Waterman is in a vintage Pelikan 400, which is a wet writer, so it looks darker in that pen. Both are lower maintenance inks with good shading, and I would say both are medium to low in saturation.


  2. I like the Absolute Brown–I don’t own too many browns, and I’m not sure Ina-ho even counts, but I may have to grab a sample of that Waterman somewhere. I was thinking J. Herbin Lie de the in the alternative, do you have an opinion on that?

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  3. I like Waterman Absolute Brown, especially when used on sepia on yellowish paper, where I think it gives its best.
    Paper Quink blue is quite a standard ink, the everyday one, the one that will never disappoint you. Nothing special, if you are looking for fancy colours, but a very reliable ink for office and study (I use it, between others, for note taking).

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