Monday Morning Quarterback: October 26, 2015


Looking back on the previous week, having learned a few things. Looking ahead, wondering a few things.

1. Inked out? I feel like I’ve been very focused on ink these past few weeks. It has been fun, and I’ve learned a lot. But I just cleaned out nine pens. I’m thinking longingly of my normal blue and black inks right now.

2. Penned out? I bought a few pens this year, and I’ve been feeling like my pen cases are overstuffed. I’m not really sure what to do about this. I’m mulling the options.

3. Nice pen; cheap thrills. I really enjoy using clear Kaweco Sport fountain pens as eyedroppers. I like tilting the pens and watching the ink roll to and fro. It’s neat to see the range of color. But, yes, that does show that I am easily entertained.

4. New job? A possible job change occurred to me yesterday: I should be a billionaire. I’d be very good at that.

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