Quite a Night


Pardon me for this very off-topic post, but tonight is a big sports night in Chicago.

I am a huge sports fan. It’s no doubt due to growing up in a sports-crazy town, but it’s also something I picked up from my family.

My father is a sensible man, so he has always been a football fan. On Sundays he’d rake the leaves and watch the Bears. He was happy for company in either activity, and I was happy to join him. Being a Bears fan was not exactly easy. But they were usually competitive and always had a few great players. You always felt the Bears were just a quarterback away.

Being a Chicago baseball fan, in contrast, usually meant suffering. But my mother’s side of the family were all baseball fanatics, and they were all Cubs fans. I became one, too.

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3 thoughts on “Quite a Night

  1. These Cubs must be really something, because even I have heard of them – their repeated failures, the loyalty of their exasperated fans – and I’m halfway around the world! Not to mention pretty un-sporty 😛

    But I got to feel a little of it during last year’s FIFA world cup watching that infamous Brazil-Germany game. I don’t think anybody could watch that and not cringe :-/

    Love this more personal piece! Nice rhythm and flow to it 🙂


  2. It is very tough to be a Chicago sports fan! I have boys so we have always had tons of jerseys, tee shirts, coats in Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls and Cubs. I even painted my youngest sons’ room with red and black walls once — not easy to cover later! I will be watching and hoping for that win tonight!!


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