Ink Review: KWZ Gummiberry Ink


KWZ Gummiberry Ink. This ink color comes in both iron gall and regular versions. The iron gall version is a dark purple with very good water-resistance. The regular Gummiberry discussed here is a dye-based ink in a lighter, cheerful purple.

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3 thoughts on “Ink Review: KWZ Gummiberry Ink

  1. I think there wasn’t really one ink – as far as I know ink was shipped to the schools in powder or tablet form and mixed on-site. That was way back in the day, and it was just a medium purple AFAIK, so both would fit the bill. In my time it was offered more as a ‘legacy’ option, I guess, because by then the default was Erasablue. I tried to find some decent sources on purple ink to link to here but there isn’t a whole lot, and most of it is more like personal reminiscing – neat, but no wider context 🙂

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  2. This reminds me a lot of the classic French school ink which is “violette” – a purple where the blue and red are balanced. The resemblance is strongest with the Kaweco Sport on the Rhodia paper.

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