Bullet Journal


I use a planning and organization system called a Bullet Journal.  It is inexpensive, easy and flexible.  It can be as low-key or as high-intensity as you want.

I take a very low-key approach to the Bullet Journal, and that’s what I’ll outline here.  But it’s completely personal, and you could do it differently.  For example, mine is always scrawled in haste, but yours could be carefully written and employ attractive ink colors if that is more motivating.

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One thought on “Bullet Journal

  1. Thanks! It’s great to have more examples of a bullet journal in use, because it’s the sort of thing that is more complicated to explain than to actually use!

    Free-form planners are amazing. So useful if you have an uneven schedule, alternating stretches of being really busy with slow periods, which I feel may be the case for increasing numbers of people.


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