Happy Super Bowl Day!


I don’t know about you, but I consider the Super Bowl an unofficial American holiday. We even have traditions: parties, betting squares, nachos and the commercials.

At the party we always go to, people pay more attention to the commercials (and the food) than the game.  Except at the end of each quarter, when we figure out who won money. Last year, the Fountain Pen Follies family won huge.  So we’ll lose it all this year, I’m sure.  But that’s okay, there are friends to catch up with.  And the food!

I’m not sure people overseas watch American football much, but the NFL wants to conquer the world, so if you don’t now, you may in the future.  And if that happens, you only need to know two words: Chicago Bears!

(Yeah, the Bears are bad now. But thirty years ago, they won a Super Bowl. And hope springs eternal.)