Department of Mixed Feelings: Emptying the Ink Bottle

empty bottle of J. Herbin Rouge Caroubier ink

I may have mentioned before that I have more than a few bottles of fountain pen ink.  The actual number is either “too many” or “nuts.” I’m a lot faster at accumulating new inks than finishing them.

But I do go through them eventually. In the last week I finished one bottle of Waterman Serenity Blue and one of J. Herbin Rouge Caroubier.

That’s partially a good feeling: I’m whittling down the numbers of bottles.  But there’s wistfulness, too.  Because I’m not going to replace the Rouge Caroubier right away.  Even though it is a beautiful, well-behaved ink, from one of my favorite brands. Even though I really like it.

Because the truth is, I still have … oh, what’s that unpleasant expression people use? Oh yes: “enough.” I still have enough ink.

But what a beautiful color.