Things I Learned Last Week

spice drawer

1. It can be dangerous to alphabetize your spice drawer. Because that puts the cinnamon next to the chili powder. This all you need for an early morning “haven’t had my coffee yet” mistake.  Trust me.

2. I went to a pen club meeting last Sunday, and everyone there had beautiful handwriting. I want to find a meeting of doctors.

3. Does this ever happen to you? You start saying something and realize almost instantly … whoops. Wrong words, wrong audience. No way to finish this with grace.

Well, the other day I was thinking of the group TV on the Radio and I started singing, kind of to myself, but with my husband and kids around, the song Red Dress. And then I get to a part of the chorus that goes, “Come bear witness to the whore of Babylon.”

Let me just say: if you want everyone to stop what they are doing, and look up at you as if you have lost your mind, this is perfect.