2019 Pelikan Hub Report

Pelikan Hub 2019 Evanston

Ah, it was fabulous, as always.

But we have to call this one the “Knocking on Death’s Door” Hub, because our Hub (in Evanston, Illinois) got hit hard with a nasty respiratory virus this year. If you include me, ugh, who feels at least half dead, but had to go, as the Hub Host, fully a fifth of us were struck down. Is it the Pelikan Plague?

Well, it did not kill the mighty Evanston Hub. We had 31 registrants for Evanston this year, and I think 35 for our sister Hub in Chicago. A few registrants always end up having to cancel because of schedule conflicts, and then we lost five participants at the last minute because of this virus. But we dragooned some folks who switched in, or had forgotten to register, or were dragged there by relatives and friends — ending up with 30 lovely people, and a very good time.

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16 thoughts on “2019 Pelikan Hub Report

  1. If the Athens, Greece metro area, aka the boondocks of fountain pen usage (Pop: <4mil; Top 100 universities: 0) can support even one 70-odd person Hub, by God the Chicago metro (Pop: 10 whopping million, bless you all; Top 100 unis: at least 2) can support a couple of little Hubs no bigger than the average high school class 🙂

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  2. thanks for interesting take on things (you quite good on inks!)—now, cld I impose on you for comments–if have any –on the Wahl-Ever. especially Signature model, which is according to Syd Wahlnut, mostly a smaller Decoband; I not want write w/a phone pole, so smaller appeals to me…

    thx, Jon

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    1. Hi Jon and thank you! I have seen the smaller Signature models but never owned one. But Syd and his company are top drawer. I’ve bought vintage pens from him years ago, and I think he’s terrific.


  3. Great recap. Kudos to you for coming through as host despite your illness, and to all who helped out. I live in Colorado Springs, and we used to only have a hub in Denver. I think last year was our first hub in the Springs, and like most hubs I’ve read about, each one is even more fun than the last. I agree with you – the more hubs, the better! Getting together with friends who share similar interests is always a wonderful thing.

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    1. Totally agree, and thank you! Also, I love the Springs! I want to go to yours next year. 😁 But you guys face the same thing: rush hour around Chicago is similar to I-25. Add extra traffic because it’s a Friday afternoon, and people have a hard time even committing to something like that. Hey, did Boulder also get a Hub?


  4. Great review of the Hub, Laura! My first but not my last! It was definitely worth the long drive. You really made it special with all the effort you put in. Met a bunch of new pen friends and saw some incredible Pelikans, both new and vintage. Oh yeah, I am glad I read to the end of your post because I am old enough to remember that Pat Benatar video 🤣

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  5. Great write-up. Sorry to hear that you and others were unwell. And good on you for being hub master and for going the extra mile in your preparations and thoughtfulness.
    I am with you on the chocolate. Lindt 70% cocoa is one of my favorites.
    Enjoy your new Star Ruby M205 when it arrives. You may need to keep it away from your children. 🙂

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  6. Nice recap. We had at least one person who was hit by virus, not sure if more. Furthest participant that I was aware of was in the 2.5 hour range – and the wild part is that he and I sat next to each other in a seminar at the SF show. Small world.

    One wonders if Pel will be able to keep up with swag, as my impression is that each year sees a growth in numbers. I also sense that while each of these is fun, the success of each individual hub relies on the host and any teamwork. Ours was nice and you def knew what to do. I wished ours had more actual Pelikan pens in attendance, but next year it’s something to work on. Still got lots of nice folks and nice pens.

    Take care of yourself now – there is always the let-down. Maybe chug a little of the Ruby ink, it seems perky enough to make a difference…

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    1. I have magic cough syrup now and a weekend to rest up — are you kidding me it’s fabulous! And yes, Pelikan is amazing for doing this. I’m hoping these events help spread brand awareness for people without Pelikans yet. They are pricey in the US, but great user pens. And some at least are beautifully “not brown,” like the Star Ruby M205 soon to arrive at Follies Towers. 🤞

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