Lamy Al-Star Charged Green and Lamy Charged Green Ink


My new Lamy Al-Star in Charged Green arrived in the mail this morning, along with a box of the ink cartridges.ย  The pen is nice enough, and I really like the ink, but getting it all to work was strangely like an Icelandic saga, albeit nobody froze to death.

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15 thoughts on “Lamy Al-Star Charged Green and Lamy Charged Green Ink

  1. Not sure what the etiquette is of referring to other websites, but over at The Fountain Pen Network there’s a discussion about possible new Diamine Shimmertastic ink colours – including the perfect Spring green for the Lamy AL. You get to vote on possible colours so the more the merrier.

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  2. I found your lovely blog because I typed in ‘alternative ink for Lamy Charged Green’. I too end up buying every special edition, with a broad nib and cartridges, and inevitably I then have to buy the converter and some ink that I can actually read on the page (yes, I’m talking to you Neon Coral, Neon Green). I did the ‘what’s wrong with this cartridge thing’ followed by swapping to a converter of Diamine Meadow to sort of encourage it to join the gang. It worked but when I swapped back it’s that ‘springtime but only if you’re really up close to the new leaves’ sort of colour. I shall continue my quest for an ink to match this rather lovely pen: thanks for great review!

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    1. Fabulous! Diamine Meadow was my next thought, too. Perhaps we could accentuate the yellow in this yellow-green pen, by trying Diamine Wagner, or J. Herbin Vert Prรฉ or Vert Olive? Or I might just try my own mix.

      I did not even try the Neon Green ink. I just resented it. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. I shall await your research with interest. I asked Cult Pens (from whom I had bought the pen) for their suggestion and mentioning exactly the ones you did above! They thought the closest might be Diamine Light Green. I have never mixed my own inks before but this might be just the incentive I need – I assume it’s quite fun and then you can call it what you like (to yourself).

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  3. You know, the funniest thing happened: I found that my reactions followed yours, at the rate you talked about them throughout the post! When I first saw it I made a face like that otter eating a watermelon meme, then as I read on and looked at the rest of the pictures, I began to think aw, it’s not so bad, and by the time you were done reviewing it and after seeing it paired with the other two Al-Stars, I had decided it’s actually quite nice! If this isn’t bloggy magic, then I don’t know what is ๐Ÿ˜›

    The ink did help bring it together for me, though. I actually love that! It just looks pretty special, a great early springtime ink! I’m actually curious what it looks like in a bigger nib! Would the shading be more pronounced, I wonder, or would the ink just glob out and look murky?

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    1. I think in the medium nib, which is all I’ve used, it’s not too light for either drawing or writing. I’ll send you a cartridge if you like. If you want, you can post your drawing and verdict. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Anyone else want to try it? I have a few extra cartridges.


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